20 February 2012

Bee Mine Cake

Bee Mine Birthday Cake
I am honoured to make a birthday cake for my friend Tina’s boyfriend – Sherman.

While creating the cake for our Valentine’s Day celebration, Tina asked if she can have the same cake too. Hence, I have created two similar “Bee Mine” cakes but Paul ate his cake before I could take a photo.

The bee cake topper is inspired by “Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen” on YouTube. The cake itself is inspired by “Cakes by Elisa”. I have the same concept applied to the greeting card that I had for Paul this Valentine’s Day. Please visit “Chubby’s Crafty World” for more information.

I don’t bake my cakes by using box mixes because they have preservatives. Paul loves my super moist pinkish strawberry cake, which without artificial colouring but simply the natural colour from the fresh strawberry purees. The flavour also goes well with the chocolate ganache filling.

No matter what kinds of the celebration - I hope you have a great time celebrating with you loved one.

Dear Sherman

I want to wish you a happy birthday and let you know we appreciate your kind words.

“Hey Beth, thx for d cake. Its so awesome! Cake perfection! :)”
By Sherman

Thank you for stopping by, Everyone. 
Happy baking!
Beth xoxo

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