31 December 2013

Jeremy's Cake Smash Cake

Hi Everyone

Right before ending 2013, I am so happy that my last cake was actually made for my son. I was nervously for months as Jeremy reached 11 months. I am told to do the cake smashing photo shoot a month before their first birthday.

You see; I am not ready to say goodbye to his birth year not to mention to his babyhood. I felt this milestone has a significance of it (I believe I say this on every milestone). However, this particular milestone is for me to make something for him instead of him showing me his new skills to me.

I had this obsession of what to create this masterpiece that I can be proud of when I look back when he is older. In the end, I tried to keep everything simple. After all, it’s HIM I want to capture in the photo not MY cake.

My friend Claire came to help me. I had this feeling that I can’t capture all these fancy messy cake smashing fun. I have a feeling that Jeremy doesn’t know how to smash. I am right sort of. Jeremy likes his cleanness and after pulled the handmade gum paste sneaker out and put into his mouth. He became disinterested to the cake. At the end, Claire joined the cake smashing fun and smeared some icing to his onsie and gave him a chunk of cake to eat. Well, we as adults certainly had a great time to make a mess.

By the end of the day, I still have a perfect sized cake. I only had to cut away a little slice where he smashed; then gave to Claire half of the cake to show my appreciation (Claire is a fan. During the smashing time, she kept saying it’s delicious). I kept a quarter for our teatime. When Daddy Paul took out of the rubbish that night, he said: even the cake scrapes smell heavenly (I really want to tell him that I don’t have any leftovers to see what he would do).

I adapted a favorite vanilla cake and cream cheese frosting of mine to eliminate the sugar and make them more suitable for our little ones. Guess what! I now prefer the new version over the old one.

This 7” Vanilla Layer Cake was frosted with tinted Ombre Cream Cheese; lovely fondant polka dots and gum paste baby sneaker.

I am going to try another smash cake for Jeremy on his first birthday party. I hope this time he will have more experiences and enjoy some messy time when he is allowed to.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

24 December 2013

White Christmas Tree Cake

Hi Everyone:

Another Christmas Cake baked by Claire of Mantou Kitchen (a delicious fruit cake), covered in red fondant by bakingmama. Decorated in the festive Christmas colors: red, green, white and silver!

This cake is going overseas tonight. I am so honored to be part of it. Is bakingmama going international? I hope so one day.

The Magic of Christmas never ends
and its greatest of gifts are family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

09 December 2013

Orange Macaroons

Hi Everyone

Jeremy and I were invited to a picnic play date with Mum Bridget, Baby Max, Mum Claire and Baby Zoe. Although Max, Zoe and Jeremy haven't been catching up very often; they are simply adorable with each others' companies and getting along nicely.

While Mum Bridget prepared the mains and Mum Claire prepared the drinks; bakingmama of course was volunteered to prepare the dessert. I searched my pantry and saw some organic oranges.

Here came another flavour to add to our Macaroon section - "Orange Macaroon". I tinted orange food coloring to the macaron batter, and filled them with orange marmalade.

Unlike to my divine and popular 'Chocolate Macaroon'; it is still a bit sweet for me but it's chewy and refreshing for the summer picnic or parties. As well, I want to introduce our new [Macaroon Gift Box] as shown above can hold three standard macaroons priced from $6.00.

Well, we had a lovely time to catch up. Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

04 December 2013

Christmas Cupcake Second Version

Hi Everyone

Here is the second version of my Christmas Cupcake using the fondant to replace the cream cheese frosting. This is certainly a hit.

At the moment, bakingmama is fully booked this Christmas season. If you are interested in our baking sweets next year, please arrange three months prior to your celebration.

We're truly grateful for your trust in bakingmama this year.
We'd like to do business with you for many years to come!
Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday!
We look forward to helping creating a piece of sweet life again.

Happy baking
Beth xoxo

20 November 2013

Christmas Cupcake First Version

Hi Everyone

It's counting down to the biggest celebration of the year - Christmas. It's time to get ready and impress your family and friends with the baked treats and sweets.

bakingmama and my dearest friend Claire of "Mantou Kitchen" has pulled through the first 120 Christmas Tree cupcakes. Due to the heat in Australia, some cream cheese frostings have melted during the transport. I have learnt: sometimes we just can't go against the mother nature. However, you can't beat bakingmama.

We just need to compromise for the next order; after all it's happy Christmas and you can't go without the sweets and treats that are baked from scratch and decorated with love.

Thank you Amy - my formal employee and friend to support bakingmama throughout the year. If your children need to achieve academically, please contact North Shore Development & Coaching Centre.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

09 November 2013

Giant Peony Cake

Hi Everyone

I have been taking easy and looking after Jeremy for a whole month. Glad to be back and share this "Giant Peony Cake" I made yesterday for Auntie Fang's birthday. Auntie Fang is like another mum to me and another grandma to Jeremy since I was pregnant with him. She looked after me at the very early stage of my pregnancy.

I remember seeing a similar two tiered cake at the Cakes Around Town Workshop by Greg Cleary. I wanted to enrol the workshop but my morning sickness just won't agree with me at the time. I decided to work on this technique on my own. I am happy with how it turned out especially I don't have the rose flower cutters to make the giant rose as my initially plan was.

I made the centre with 15 circle petals; then frilled each individual circle into more petal look. I could do better to arrange the peony on another cake board so she can keep it. Claire told me it's really hard to cut into this beautiful work.

I am glad that I found my interest a few years back. This is the reason I keep doing it. After all, who can resist the homemade sweets that made and decorated with love!!

Happy baking, everyone!
Beth xoxo

05 November 2013

Melbourne Cup Treats

Hi Everyone

Yesterday, Jeremy and I were inviting to a Melbourne Cup party. It's a private party at home but how can you not have some treats; especially it's Melbourne Cup we are talking about.

I quickly went through my pantry and decided on two treats but ended up having three treats that I have to share with you.

I think I have been in the "Red Velvet" cupcake mode this year. I just keep making this beautiful flavour and the only thing that is different this time is that I didn't have the cream cheese frosting to go on top (Oops, I run out of the cream cheese). No worries, bakingmama changed to whip up some "Chocolate Buttercream" instead but not to go on top of the cupcakes. I sandwiched this in the lovely melt-in-your-mouth "Whoopie Pies". I have to say, it's divine in its own way and similar effect to the "Macaroons".

I then used some red velvet cupcakes and chocolate buttercream to make something awesome. Say hi to our new "Push-Up Cakes". This is so trendy and another way of presenting your cupcakes.

Well, we certainly had a great time. Jeremy was dressing on his best Polo shirt and blue jeans while I was in my long lost high-heel shoes and fancy headpiece.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

05 September 2013

Fashion Themed Cupcakes

Hi Ladies

I want to start with showing my appreciation towards my friends; whom have invited me to be part of their celebrations by creating all cakes and treats for them in August.

Here are more "Red Velvet Cupcakes" with cream cheese frosting and a mix of all the high fashion brand toppers. Ooh, these cupcakes are so cute, they are so pretty with this red colour, perfect to be given as a gift for a special person, don't you think? Although they are red colour, don't forget they are actually chocolate cupcakes. The cupcakes are delicious and I just loved my new not so sweet cream cheese frosting; I think that it is a perfect combination.

Most cupcakes are based on the designs by "Dolled Up Cupcakes", "Platito de Azucar" and "Celebrate with Cake". I am so glad that I get a chance to use my edible printing station; while the LV cupcakes are my own from using my decorative tools.

Cupcakes were ordered from my Yoga Instructor friend Vicki to surprise her Yoga friends. Her friends are definitely some sweet girls whom love high ends. She wanted a few cupcakes that reflected that and the fab things are all 100% edible.

PLUS, here is a great news. I have been asking about how I bake my delicious cupcakes. I am going to have a workshop soon to demonstrate that. The best thing is you get to decorate them with buttercream and bring your work home.

Until then, thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

30 August 2013

Little Pony Cake

Hi Everyone

Here was my second cartoon cake that I made in August. My friend Jimmy wanted to surprise his wife with a "Little Pony" themed cake for her birthday; for who I gathered is collecting these adorable characters.

It is inspired by "Minerva Reyes of My Cakes". Everything is made of fondant except the little pony toppers Jimmy bought. I loved to create this edible rainbow and clouds. I then added her name on the cake.

6" round dark mud cake and covered and filled in ganache. It's covered in pastel pink fondant and the sides had a quilted pattern with white sugar pearls at the intersections. The idea is based on his wife's love of CHANEL.

I have got a lovely message saying she loved the cake. How sweet when people spending time to tell you that you did a good job. I am simply wanting to dance on my toes.

Thank you for everyone's support of my little habit.
Happy baking!
Beth xx

26 August 2013

Guitar Cake

Hi Everyone

I want to share this biggest cake I have done so far. Oh my, I didn't know what I have got myself into until when I started this birthday cake. I tried to make the guitar cake a life-sized one, but I didn't have enough cake so I ended up having the guitar only 1" thick. Next time, I would have done at least 2" in thickness.

A lot of cake decorators did the strings with flower wires or spaghetti; the strings of my cake were fondant. I wished that I could make it more realistic with more details but Jeremy has been seeking attention lately. The musical notes were blue chocolate melts. They are certainly rooms for improvement.

The cake was a predominantly dark chocolate mud cake with a swirled mixture of white chocolate.

We had a great time at the party because our birthday friend had performed a few songs he wrote to entertain the guests. The cake was totally fitting in so well.

Until then, thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

23 August 2013

Simple Bag Cake

Hi ya

Here is my first project in August - a simple white carry bag birthday cake for my beloved friend - Claire.

Last year, Claire and I went through a lot with our pregnancies, a few hiccups here and there. We were there to support each others. This is a cake definitely a reward that we both pulled through at the end. She is now a mum of beautiful Zoe and I of cute Jeremy.

Look a little closely and you may be able to tell that the logo on the board is GUCCI logo prints which was stencilled with white lustre dust mixed with vodka. To reflect our new job as mums, I also created a edible milk bottle with white icing representing milk dripping from the milk bottle to write her name.

Layered vanilla cake, finished in fondant and created into an edible bag; this is an eye catching piece of edible art in any parties if you want to make a statement.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

18 August 2013

Tiffany Box Cake & Cupcakes

Hi Everyone

A Tiffany box full with jewellery or a ring is every girl's dream to receive for her birthday or from a proposal.

I made a Tiffany gift box for a 21st birthday party with 50 mini bow chocolate cupcakes over the weekend. Mum wants to surprise her daughter with a necklace (yes, the original Tiffany Key Necklace) on the cake. What will be a better way to present it then a Tiffany gift box which is also edible itself?

A 6" square box cake with it's lid offset and sugar pearls and tissue spilling out; covered in Bakels fondant with a gumpaste bow and gift tag. The lid has the Tiffany & Co company logo handwritten in black edible paint, just like any real Tiffany jewellery box.

The heart locket with Tiffany & Co abbreviation was made 10 days in advance so the chains had time to dried. The heart locket how-to has demonstrated by "McGreevy Cakes" on YouTube. It was so challenge that it took me five times to complete it. I then coloured them with light silver paint and brushed it with white lustre dust.

The cake is a dark chocolate mud filled with dark chocolate ganache. The mini bow cupcakes were originally designed by "Pink Cake Box", while the design of the cake box similar to "MyCupKates".

Mum sent me several photos and told me the cake complemented her daughter's party so well. I am so glad that San-Rene liked the cake and what a sweet life a cake could make.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking~
Beth xx

28 July 2013

Monster High Cake

Hi Everyone

My dearest friend Evelyn asked me to do a cake for her daughter - our beloved Gabrielle who turned 8 on Sunday. She was telling me that Gabby and her best friend are really into Monster High at the moment. Gabby found a cake she wanted when searching for ideas that I saw a similar design on the CakeCentral. As soon as I completed the sketch of what I wanted, I was so excited to make it.

This cake was a 4" and 6" round tiered checkerboard mud cake, iced in ganache with fondant accents and a bling number 8 (she wanted one as soon as she saw my birthday cake) on the side. I thought I used the original design to create a gum paste initial G for the topper.

The top tier was covered in pink fondant and decorated with purple pinstripe diagonal pattern. The stripes were made using my pasta maker - you could get the same effect with a ribbon cutter. The bottom tier was covered in true black fondant and decorated using diamond cutters and white stripes by using my gum paste gun to make the argyle pattern on the sides. The ball border is fondant in purple, black and pink.

I worked on making the rolled gum paste skull a week before the birthday from a picture of the skull I downloaded off the Internet; then transformed it into a template for cutting the gum paste. I then painted the bow with pink shimmer lustre dust that was mixed with Vodka. I love the extra shine added to the look.

I created a matching birthday card. Please check it out via "巧比工作坊“. I hope you enjoy looking at this cake, I know I can not take my eyes off it.

Happy 8th birthday, Gabby!

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xx

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