22 May 2012

Whimsical Springtime

Hi Everyone

I am very excited to share this story with you. Last weekend (right after my surgery for the egg pick up of our IVF treatment), I threw myself into this beautiful cake decorating workshop taught by dear Linda of Whimsical Cakehouse. It's not only taking my mind off the whole treatment but also finding myself taught by the best cake artist.

I could not do it without the help of the super talented, patient and caring Linda. I love the intimate setting of the class; everyone looked after me and I am honoured to have had this opportunity.

This beautiful cake is called “Whimsical Springtime”. If you are interested in this course or any courses, please visit “Whimsical Cakehouse” for more information. Guy is always there to assist us and keep us updated.

I cannot wait for my next class in August.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy caking~
Beth xoxo

03 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone

What do you have in mind for surprising your mum and mother-in-law this Mother’s Day? This cake was created for my dearest mummy and mother-in-law.

This is not a stereotype that all our mothers are knitters. Since I was young around 11ish, Mama Chu came across with knitting and gained the licence to become a teacher of knitting. She stopped when she were helping dad running for the company but started again for her granddaughters.

I didn’t scratch my head hard on the design of the cake. However, I did do a lot of researches how to complete it. I want to dedicate to a lot of Professional Decorators over the world whom are generously sharing their techniques. Here they are:

A Ball of Wool/Yarn: “Bebbie Brown”
Knitting Needles: “CakeJournal”
Wood Grain Fondant Cake Board: “Sugar Ed Productions”

I used the Styrofoam for the base. At first, I used the small spherical ball shaped can pan from Alan Silverwood. The flavour was my experiencing and Asian inspired “Taro Cake” recipe. It didn’t work out from this particular cake tin. Luckily, I saved the rest of the batter for a dozen of cupcakes. It’s moist, delicious and great to eat it with a cup of warm tea. Please visit “巧比工作室” for my high tea inspired greeting card.

Dear Mums
“M” is for the million things you gave me.
“O” means only that you are growing old.
“T” is for the tears you shed to save me.
“H” is for your heart of purest gold.
“E” is for your eyes with loving-light shining.
“R” means right and right you will always be.

Happy Mother’s Day!
I wish every mum has the best Mother’s Day ever.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking~
Beth xoxo

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