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I can not resist to introduce different desserts I have made for my parties. Please check the order information and pricing as shown below.

Chocolate Covered Oreos: OMG, this is certainly to die for not to mention they look so great on a dessert table at any parties or a great idea as party favours. We have two flavours - vanilla cream Oreos are smothered in dark or milk chocolate (topped with fondant toppers to match your theme) and strawberry cream Oreos are smothered in white chocolate.

Chocolate Lollipop: Let chocolate do the talking with our delicious dark or milk chocolate lollipops. The perfect little gift for any chocoholic big or small.

Macaroons: Made from scratch and fresh from the oven, Macaroon is a wow factor at a party. They are delicate, almond-accented sandwich cookies that are not only tasty but colourful as well. It can be given out as a sophisticated party favor. I love to present the Macaroons in a clear box of 1 or 3 and tied with a ribbon. Or, 2 Macaroons in a cello bag with a handmade folded thank you card for my upcoming parties. It will certainly impress my guests.

Sugar Cookies: This delicious "Vanilla Sugar Cookies" and decorated with fondant is another feature at my parties. I preset each cookie in a clear cellophane bag; or can be with a handmade folded thank you card.

I love my "Gingerbread Men Cookies" as well, it's chewy with great flavour of different spices.

Don't forget our yummy "Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies". Ideal as a favour, or simply a high tea snack.

Here is our new "Brown Sugar Cookies"! It's a lesser buttery flavour using the brown sugar instead of  white to make up the flavours (however, we have reduced the sugar intake so it's not overly sweet). It's simply another awesome cookie you can choose for your parties.

Here comes our re-new Chocolate Chip Cookies. A thick, soft, cookie with a crispy edge and lots of chocolate chips is certainly to enjoy over a glass of milk or hot chocolate.

Cake Pops: These are great bite-sized treats or let's say a mouthful-sized cake coated in chocolate or candy melts and stuck on the lollipop sticks. Love these for Baby Jeremy's birthday party in the near future.

Whoopie Pies: These are made of two round mound-shaped pieces of cakes with the creamy filling or frosting sandwiched between them. It's a lovely treat that may be considered either a cookie, pie or cake.

Belgium Chocolate Covered Marshmallow: Children love two things in their party I believe i.e. chocolate and marshmallow. This treat is definitely an answer to their calls. I can dip this treat in sprinkles whatever colours that fit my parties or roll in finely chopped nuts for big guests.

Dessert in a Jar: We have some varieties at bakingmummy's household i.e. 'Egg Pudding', 'Cheesecake', 'Red Velvet Cake' and 'Chocolate Mousse'.

Push-Up Cakes: this push-up pop is all the great taste of cupcakes and frosting in a new push-up container. It's awesome!!

Gum Ball Necklaces: how amazingly delicious are these strands of sugar necklaces? This would be a great Valentines Day or Birthday Party for your little Princesses. Available in Green, Pink, White and Blue.

Waffle Sticks: Crispy, golden-brown waffle sticks are a fun twist on traditional waffles.

Individual Dessert Pricing:
*Minimum Individual Dessert Order: 2 dozen of each flavor selection.
*Prices vary due to selected flavor and seasonal availability
*All desserts and confections are made from scratch unless otherwise noted
*Options served in glass/ceramic containers are only available for events catered by bakingmama.

Other dessert table options: prices available upon request
Lollipops and Rock Stick Candy

Hope to introduce more creations in the near future. Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

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