27 January 2014

Peter Rabbit Dessert Table

Hi Everyone

I have loved Peter Rabbit since I was pregnant with Jeremy.

Hence, I arranged a Peter Rabbit Dessert Table for Jeremy's first birthday party on Sunday. The whole celebration turned out perfectly sweet and would last a lifetime to remember it. I made the beautiful invitation with a bit of vintage look to start with (please visit 巧比工作坊); and all the cute desserts as shown below.

I am very lucky to be able to bake and DIY. I was able to save and create the dream party for my son.

- A watering can birthday cake (chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache)
- A flower pot smash cake (blue swirl vanilla butter cake with white chocolate ganache)
- Chocolate push-up cake pops
- Carrot cake pops (chocolate mud cake)
- Blue jacket vanilla sugar cookies
- Vegetable vanilla sugar cookies
- Cupcakes in the water buckets (chocolate with Oreo chocolate cookies as soils)
- Vanilla and Chocolate Macarons (with salted caramel filling or chocolate ganache)
- Lots of candies, gum balls and sweets in our beautiful jars

Jeremy didn't take a nap the whole morning, so he was quite agitated during most of the party time but it was such a special day; so everyone enjoyed food, drinks and a piece of sweet life with us.

Vendor Credits:
Stationery: Inviting Parties, Vistaprint and Our Sweet Events
Event Styling and Hire: Our Sweet Events
Photography: Toni Cutis Photography and Guests
Cakes and Desserts: bakingmama

I can not believe it has been a year since we welcomed Jeremy to the world. He has been an Angel to me although he is really active and eager to learn many things in a day. We really love our healthy and happy boy. To see how the party went on Sunday, please refer to "巧比生活館“.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this dessert table. Here is the discount from the party. I still have nearly two kilos of gum balls (blue and green). I bought $24.95 per kilo plus postage. If you want these for your party, it's now $45 for both. If now sold by then, I will probably make them into necklace for girls' parties.

Thank you for sharing the sweet story with our little family. Don't forget that "Valentine's Day" is coming. Please feel free to send us your enquiries. Can't wait to share a piece of sweet life with you.
Happy baking!
Beth xoxo

01 January 2014

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Happy New Year, Everyone

Here comes the Year 2014, I hope you all had a fabulous start yesterday.

I did what I love most with the exception of enjoying a peaceful time with Jeremy and Paul; I did BAKING in my beloved kitchen straightaway.

I believe I have introduced my "Chocolate Chips Cookies" once a few years ago. This time, I have changed one major ingredient from my recipe due to the 100% cocoa content chocolate chips were too much for the little ones to indulge. I changed that to the bittersweet milk dark chocolate chips. I have my man tasted it out for me and he said it's perfect; although he enjoys both versions.

I know you can buy this particular chocolate chips cookies everywhere. I have to say that nothing beats the homemade treats that are made with the best quality ingredients. Price is $10 a bag or $12 in a box (as a present).

Servings Per Pack:25

Serving Size:30g

Storage Instructions:
To maintain freshness once opened, store in a cool, dry place, in an airtight, light proof container

Today, I am going to enjoy my freshly baked chocolate chips cookies with a glass of organic milk to start my day. If you are in the neighbourhood; please feel free to pop in for the testing, my friends.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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