30 August 2015

CHANEL Bag Cake - 2D

Hi Everyone

This is my third cake this month. Who doesn't love our cake to be a fashion related one? We girls all love to have a Chanel bag as a birthday present.

A Chanel bag cake is the answer as this is affordable and edible too, which is delicious and stylish present for your beloved mums, sisters, wife, daughters, girlfriends. 

This is a chocolate mud cake filled with dark chocolate ganache indulgence. That's even better hey.

Love this cake, contact me for a quote. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy baking,
Beth xo

23 August 2015

Harry Potter Book Cake

Hi everyone

This is my second cake this month. The birthday girl is a Harry Potter fan.

It’s a white chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. This cake features a Harry Potter book, a wand and a Gold Snitch.

Everything is fondant except the wings of the snitch are gum paste while the snitch itself is a cake pop. Gold lustre dust was used to make the whole book and pages look old.

Thank you my beloved friend for asking me; and to create this cake for his daughter's important milestone.

~ Welcome to the world of adults, Alex. Happy 18th birthday to a young woman who is more mature and wise beyond her years. You are ready to take on the world. Stay positive and focused while conquering all your dreams. ~

There is one more cake to come next week. Thank you for stopping by.
Until then…

Happy baking

Beth xo

20 August 2015

Tiger Print Cake & Cake Pops

Hi Everyone

Today, I am going to explain a bit how I decorated this two-tiered tiger print cake and then, a bit about how I can improve the look from a nice cake to a fabulous cake. Hopefully, the idea can help you to re-create the animal print cakes at home. 

Here is my first attempt at making an animal print cake for my friend's beloved mum's 80th birthday celebration. Now I have time to review my own work, I think I can make it even more natural next time (to trust my skills even more). 

As I have no much confidence to paint the animal prints (one mistake can ruin the whole cake); I used my new found zebra print mold from Marvellous Mold this time. I was told to change the colour tone from back and white to orange and black in order to showcase the tiger prints. I then randomly arranged the stripes on the cake. 

While I am writing this story, I realised that I have two more ways to create this cake and make the tiger prints more realistic. I can apply the skills to different animal prints in the future.

Method 1 (Beginner): 

1. Download the animal print you want online. 
2. Cut out the stripes or shapes. 
3. Roll out the fondant/gumpaste 1/4" in thickness.
4. Place the striped/shaped template on the fondant/gumpaste.
5. Cut fondant around the template.
6. Stick on the cake.

Method 2 (Professional):

1. Purchase the animal print stencil wherever you can find it from a cake decorating store or a craft shop (I found one but it took one month to deliver so I didn't use this method this time)
2. Wrap the stencil around the cake
3. Spray edible ink over the (this requires a bit of skills and more professional tools like a spray gun). 

Otherwise, google online and they are so many cake professions demonstrating how to create cakes like these.

This is also the first time I made all these adorable candy coated cake pops (I normally use fondant to cover and decorate them). The reason was I always burn my candy melts. Thanks to www.divascancook.com for her detailed explanation how to work on the candy melts. I had a great success of making my tiger print cake pops. Jeremy ate two at the party.

I have two more cakes I want to share with you soon. Until then, back to attend my two little koalas. 
Thank you for stopping by. 

Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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