27 November 2011

Giant Cupcake Cake

Happy 8th Birthday, Emma
Emma is a sweet little girl who is always looking after the younger siblings as well as a great helper amongst uncles and aunties. Instead of making her the normal sized cupcakes, I created a giant cupcake cake to surprise her on her 8th birthday.

There are different ways to make a giant cupcake cake. For the base, I was using the Wilton giant cupcake cake tin and the Pyrex glass baking bowl to create the round top.

The base of this 3D giant cupcake cake was covered in pastel pink fondant with a white ribbon strip and a bow. The top of the cake was covered in dark chocolate fondant with pastel pink and blue cachous. A red polka dot candle replaces a gum paste number 8 (which I made but not dried prior to the party).

The cupcake was chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache. All guests’ eyes were lighting up when they saw a giant cupcake cake being brought to the table. I know it was a hit.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking~
Beth xoxo

23 November 2011

Pumpkin Spice Chiffon Cake

Pumpkin Spice Chiffon Cake
I have some leftover pumpkin from my cooking last night. Normally, it will take me forever to use it. This morning, I have steamed the pumpkin and made some purees for this cake.

It’s called “Pumpkin Spice Chiffon Cake”. The recipe is generously shared by Samantha Johnson of Caketopia.
Honestly, I am not good at the chiffon cakes. There is a technique called “folding”, which to me is the hardest one and the result will affect the presentation and taste of the cake. As a first timer for this recipe, the cake turned out great as it’s light, moist and delicious. It is very healthy as it contained no butter or oil. I cannot wait to share with my family and friends.

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Happy baking!
Beth xoxo

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