25 December 2015

Snowman Macarons

Happy Boxing Day, Everyone

I made some snowman macarons for our annual Christmas gathering with my dearest friends yesterday.

The snowman design is inspired by “thepinkwhisk”. The flavour is “Hazelnut with Nutella filling”. It's such a good combination. 

I can wait to share my last cake of 2015 on Monday. Talk soon!
Happy baking
Beth xo

22 December 2015

Bubble Guppies Cupcakes

Dear All

I love creating children's birthday cakes, cupcakes and treats. I get to know all these adorable cartoon characters which I can introduce to my little ones.

Hubby's Manager asked me if I would do some Bubble Guppies cupcakes for his dear boy's third birthday.

As it's a last minute request, except the main characters Gil and Bubble Puppy in 2D, I also had to make some seashells and starfish at the last minute to act as fillers. The seashells and starfish were made with olds while the characters were handmade using the templates.

Inspired by the popular children's show, these little guppies are sure to make a splash at your party. I am very happy with it and so were the birthday boys, yay!!

Dear Heath

We wish you a very happy third birthday. 

There is one more cake creation to go this year. We will be back soon in January for my babies' combined birthday party.

Happy baking
Beth xo

15 December 2015

Shabby Chic Cupcakes

Dear All

Are we all ready for Christmas? bakingmummy will have a few more posts this year and is so looking forward to 2016. In late January, we will have a combined birthday for my son who will turn 3 and my daughter who will turn 1. We will leave this for later.

Now, here are some beautiful shabby chic/vintage cupcakes I created for my beloved friends Claire Y's daughter, Miss Emma for her birthday. I personally love all things vintage, shabby chic and retro; and when I think about Emma, I think of "English Rose". 

Inspired by "cakeswebake", I have three different vintage style designs for her. She absolutely loves them. 

Impress your family and friends when you invite them over for afternoon tea/baby shower/bridal shower/wedding; and offer them one of these beautifully decorated cupcakes. What a fine day it will be. 

Have fun doing the Christmas shopping. See you next week.
Happy baking
Beth xo

04 December 2015

Customised Edible Logo on Cupcakes

Hi Everyone

Do you want to promote your business or corporate events with customised logo cupcakes? 

My dearest friend, Evelyn is a proud owner of "Blue Wheelers Springfield Lakes". She asked me to make her some cupcakes for her regular clients. My edible inks are running out, so I thought I just hand created each logo using different techniques.

We help you to develop a topper with your branding/imaging that is related to your business and corporate special events. As an old saying: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We say "a way to your customer's heart not only your professionalism but it can be reached through their taste with these cupcakes.

Treat your customers or staff with freshly baked quality customised logo cupcakes today.

Happy baking
Beth xo

25 November 2015

2015 Christmas Cupcakes

Hi Everyone

It's nearly Christmas time again! I made 72 of these cupcakes for my formal employer. 

The cupcakes are moist and super soft "Vanilla Sponge" topped with white embossed white fondant. On the top, I decorated with edible fondant holly leaves, joy and red stars.

This year, I tie a ribbon around the cupcake box to add some festive flair. 

Time to give out your work colleagues, clients, family and friends some Christmas cupcakes? I think they make the perfect gift! Email us for a quote.

May peace, happiness and prosperity be yours during this holiday season and throughout the new year
With best wishes from bakingmummy,
Happy baking
Beth xo

10 November 2015

Winnie The Pooh Cake

Hi Everyone

This cake was for a little darling’s very first birthday last week.

Inspired by Cake Couture; the honey pot is made out of several 3”-4” vanilla butter cakes and shaped into a jar; sandwiched and covered with our delicious dark chocolate ganache.

As it’s for the first birthday, I like to make it very special. Hence, I created a miniature cake for the little boy to smash.

Hi Cooper
We wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come!

To request the quote on this cake, please feel free to send us a message.

Happy baking,

Beth xo

03 November 2015

Transformer Cake

Hi Everyone

Here is the cake I did in October along with the "Sanrio Cake" I posted last week. A Transformer Cake is a dream of the boys whether they are big or small. I chose to create this kind-hearted transformer robot i.e. Optimus Prime. 

My concept is to interpret the look without replicating it exactly. Inspired by "alwayswithcake". This Transformer birthday cake incorporates aspects of the Optimus Prime character into two tiers. 

The only difference is I have made two squares instead of two rounds. The bottom tier is covered in blue fondant and decorated to include elements of the robot's face; while the top tier is modelled to resemble its truck front grills and covered in red fondant. Flames toppers are blushed on with combinations of red dusts and vodka. The number topper and the birthday boy's name on the board are using the Transformer's font. Once completed, I then steamed the cake to make it shining like any vehicles would be.

This cake is certainly making a child very happy on their birthday party. "Happy 6th birthday, Wilson! We are here wishing you a birthday full of love, gifts, cakes, and fun to be the coolest kid in town". 

Please contact us for a quote if you want this cake for your little/big valentine/s. Don't forget that Christmas is coming, feel free to contact us for our Cupcake Gift Pampers or Macaron Gift Pampers.

Happy baking
Beth xo

29 October 2015

Tricks or Treats 2015

Hi Everyone

Tricks or Treats??? The flavour for this Halloween is "Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes". I put some "Nutella" as a filling for my little valentine. He ate three cupcakes straightaway. We can assume he chose "TREATS" and will not "Trick" us for sure.

We are going to have a party tomorrow. Can't wait to share the celebration with you via 巧比生活坊 and 巧比工作坊。

Have a spectacular Halloween.
Until then, I will be posting another cake soon.

Happy baking
Beth xox

25 October 2015

Sanrio Cake

Hi Everyone

I am asked to make a Sanrio themed cake without using its most popular character Hello Kitty for a little boy’s first birthday. The result is equally adorable.

This cake design is fresh and exciting as this cake is based on the shirt that the birthday boy is going to wear on the day of the party with these four characters i.e. Badtz Maru, Hana Maru, Pandaba and D Duck.

I love all the cute character cutouts that are popping out around the bottome tier.  They give the cake so much life! Then, three days before the assembly, I decided to make them into 3D figurines and added on top of the bottom tier. 

I also love the number banner sitting on top of this two-tiered cake. Both tiers include alternating flavors of chocolate and white mud cakes with our beautiful Belgium dark chocolate ganache.

I want to say thank you to Jayden's mum for trusting me with the cake design and support the changes while creating this cake.

“Happy First Birthday, Jayden! This is just the first of many birthdays to come".

Until then,

Happy baking
Beth xoxo

30 August 2015

CHANEL Bag Cake - 2D

Hi Everyone

This is my third cake this month. Who doesn't love our cake to be a fashion related one? We girls all love to have a Chanel bag as a birthday present.

A Chanel bag cake is the answer as this is affordable and edible too, which is delicious and stylish present for your beloved mums, sisters, wife, daughters, girlfriends. 

This is a chocolate mud cake filled with dark chocolate ganache indulgence. That's even better hey.

Love this cake, contact me for a quote. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy baking,
Beth xo

23 August 2015

Harry Potter Book Cake

Hi everyone

This is my second cake this month. The birthday girl is a Harry Potter fan.

It’s a white chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. This cake features a Harry Potter book, a wand and a Gold Snitch.

Everything is fondant except the wings of the snitch are gum paste while the snitch itself is a cake pop. Gold lustre dust was used to make the whole book and pages look old.

Thank you my beloved friend for asking me; and to create this cake for his daughter's important milestone.

~ Welcome to the world of adults, Alex. Happy 18th birthday to a young woman who is more mature and wise beyond her years. You are ready to take on the world. Stay positive and focused while conquering all your dreams. ~

There is one more cake to come next week. Thank you for stopping by.
Until then…

Happy baking

Beth xo

20 August 2015

Tiger Print Cake & Cake Pops

Hi Everyone

Today, I am going to explain a bit how I decorated this two-tiered tiger print cake and then, a bit about how I can improve the look from a nice cake to a fabulous cake. Hopefully, the idea can help you to re-create the animal print cakes at home. 

Here is my first attempt at making an animal print cake for my friend's beloved mum's 80th birthday celebration. Now I have time to review my own work, I think I can make it even more natural next time (to trust my skills even more). 

As I have no much confidence to paint the animal prints (one mistake can ruin the whole cake); I used my new found zebra print mold from Marvellous Mold this time. I was told to change the colour tone from back and white to orange and black in order to showcase the tiger prints. I then randomly arranged the stripes on the cake. 

While I am writing this story, I realised that I have two more ways to create this cake and make the tiger prints more realistic. I can apply the skills to different animal prints in the future.

Method 1 (Beginner): 

1. Download the animal print you want online. 
2. Cut out the stripes or shapes. 
3. Roll out the fondant/gumpaste 1/4" in thickness.
4. Place the striped/shaped template on the fondant/gumpaste.
5. Cut fondant around the template.
6. Stick on the cake.

Method 2 (Professional):

1. Purchase the animal print stencil wherever you can find it from a cake decorating store or a craft shop (I found one but it took one month to deliver so I didn't use this method this time)
2. Wrap the stencil around the cake
3. Spray edible ink over the (this requires a bit of skills and more professional tools like a spray gun). 

Otherwise, google online and they are so many cake professions demonstrating how to create cakes like these.

This is also the first time I made all these adorable candy coated cake pops (I normally use fondant to cover and decorate them). The reason was I always burn my candy melts. Thanks to www.divascancook.com for her detailed explanation how to work on the candy melts. I had a great success of making my tiger print cake pops. Jeremy ate two at the party.

I have two more cakes I want to share with you soon. Until then, back to attend my two little koalas. 
Thank you for stopping by. 

Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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