29 October 2015

Tricks or Treats 2015

Hi Everyone

Tricks or Treats??? The flavour for this Halloween is "Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes". I put some "Nutella" as a filling for my little valentine. He ate three cupcakes straightaway. We can assume he chose "TREATS" and will not "Trick" us for sure.

We are going to have a party tomorrow. Can't wait to share the celebration with you via 巧比生活坊 and 巧比工作坊。

Have a spectacular Halloween.
Until then, I will be posting another cake soon.

Happy baking
Beth xox

25 October 2015

Sanrio Cake

Hi Everyone

I am asked to make a Sanrio themed cake without using its most popular character Hello Kitty for a little boy’s first birthday. The result is equally adorable.

This cake design is fresh and exciting as this cake is based on the shirt that the birthday boy is going to wear on the day of the party with these four characters i.e. Badtz Maru, Hana Maru, Pandaba and D Duck.

I love all the cute character cutouts that are popping out around the bottome tier.  They give the cake so much life! Then, three days before the assembly, I decided to make them into 3D figurines and added on top of the bottom tier. 

I also love the number banner sitting on top of this two-tiered cake. Both tiers include alternating flavors of chocolate and white mud cakes with our beautiful Belgium dark chocolate ganache.

I want to say thank you to Jayden's mum for trusting me with the cake design and support the changes while creating this cake.

“Happy First Birthday, Jayden! This is just the first of many birthdays to come".

Until then,

Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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