13 December 2010

Handmade Christmas Presents

 Sing hey! Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
twine mistletoe & holly.
For a friendship glows in summer heat,
and so let's all be jolly!

 Raindeer & Santa Cupcakes
 Gingerbread Cookies
Wreath Fruit Cake
Handmade Christmas Cards

Instead of blowing your budget by buying gifts for everyone on your Christmas list this year, create your own homemade gifts. You can make Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, handmade cards, gift wrap, and more! Not only will you save money, but your friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for reading my stories since the beginning of my blog. Just like the Christmas tree, may your Christmas be bringt and merry.

Happy holidaying~

Beth xoxo

17 November 2010

Pane Di Casa & Sour Dough

L: Pane Di Casa M: Plain Dough R: Sourdough

I am going to serve the Pane Di Casa on my Christmas dinner. It is so delicious and fresh. The crust is perfect after taking out from the oven. This will certainly provide a great impression from your family and friends. 

This bread is great for sandwiches, toast, brushetta and much more.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy baking~

Beth xoxo

08 November 2010

Circus Tent Cake

Here is my latest novelty cake, a circus tent with a few animals figurines. It was made from dark chocolate mud cake and tasted delicious.

This spectacular hand crafted Designer Cake will completely enhance your themed party perfectly.

Happy decorating!!

Beth xoxo

29 October 2010

CC Bag

When you find you can’t afford a luxury brand handbag for your best girlfriend, perhaps the next best thing might be to make one edible yourself. What I particularly love are the details like the stitching, the zipper and the gold chain strip. The double C’s are cut out of rolled fondant and after they’ve been pasted on, are brushed with a gold powder mixed with vodka to give them a luxury look.

The end result almost made me wants to pick the bag up and swing it over my shoulder.

Happy decorating!!

Beth xoxo

21 October 2010


Like cupcakes, macaroons are cute, colorful, portable, single serving-sized bits of goodness. They are also extremely versatile, with wide ranges of flavours such as lemon, mocha, blueberry, passionfruit, strawberry, ganache and pistachio rasberry. My favourite macaroon flavour is dark chocolate ganache. It balances the sweetness in total.

No one can deny that a macaroon is just about the most dainty and delicate dessert for the most stylish women around town.

Happy baking!

Beth xoxo

19 October 2010

Planet Cake Cupcakes Book For Sale

$40.00 (Pick Up or $15 postage)

Pre-Order - This book will be released on the 1/11/2010 - Planet Cake Cupcakes will feature all of the icing and decorating techniques that have made Paris an internationally recognised name in sugarcraft, from stencilling and cut-outs to three-dimensional character modelling, all very funky and designed for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings.

If you order this,  you will receive your book early November. This is a pre-order.

Happy decorating.

Beth xoxo

11 September 2010

Pirate Ship Cake

This pirate ship cake is covered with the chocolate fondant. It will certainly be a great centrepiece of the party.

There's no denying that little boys (and some big boys) love a good pirate party.

With a Pirate Birthday Party, you can fulfill all their pint sized pirate whims at once...sword fighting, digging in the dirt for treasure and having great adventures.

Happy decorating!


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