30 August 2013

Little Pony Cake

Hi Everyone

Here was my second cartoon cake that I made in August. My friend Jimmy wanted to surprise his wife with a "Little Pony" themed cake for her birthday; for who I gathered is collecting these adorable characters.

It is inspired by "Minerva Reyes of My Cakes". Everything is made of fondant except the little pony toppers Jimmy bought. I loved to create this edible rainbow and clouds. I then added her name on the cake.

6" round dark mud cake and covered and filled in ganache. It's covered in pastel pink fondant and the sides had a quilted pattern with white sugar pearls at the intersections. The idea is based on his wife's love of CHANEL.

I have got a lovely message saying she loved the cake. How sweet when people spending time to tell you that you did a good job. I am simply wanting to dance on my toes.

Thank you for everyone's support of my little habit.
Happy baking!
Beth xx

26 August 2013

Guitar Cake

Hi Everyone

I want to share this biggest cake I have done so far. Oh my, I didn't know what I have got myself into until when I started this birthday cake. I tried to make the guitar cake a life-sized one, but I didn't have enough cake so I ended up having the guitar only 1" thick. Next time, I would have done at least 2" in thickness.

A lot of cake decorators did the strings with flower wires or spaghetti; the strings of my cake were fondant. I wished that I could make it more realistic with more details but Jeremy has been seeking attention lately. The musical notes were blue chocolate melts. They are certainly rooms for improvement.

The cake was a predominantly dark chocolate mud cake with a swirled mixture of white chocolate.

We had a great time at the party because our birthday friend had performed a few songs he wrote to entertain the guests. The cake was totally fitting in so well.

Until then, thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

23 August 2013

Simple Bag Cake

Hi ya

Here is my first project in August - a simple white carry bag birthday cake for my beloved friend - Claire.

Last year, Claire and I went through a lot with our pregnancies, a few hiccups here and there. We were there to support each others. This is a cake definitely a reward that we both pulled through at the end. She is now a mum of beautiful Zoe and I of cute Jeremy.

Look a little closely and you may be able to tell that the logo on the board is GUCCI logo prints which was stencilled with white lustre dust mixed with vodka. To reflect our new job as mums, I also created a edible milk bottle with white icing representing milk dripping from the milk bottle to write her name.

Layered vanilla cake, finished in fondant and created into an edible bag; this is an eye catching piece of edible art in any parties if you want to make a statement.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

18 August 2013

Tiffany Box Cake & Cupcakes

Hi Everyone

A Tiffany box full with jewellery or a ring is every girl's dream to receive for her birthday or from a proposal.

I made a Tiffany gift box for a 21st birthday party with 50 mini bow chocolate cupcakes over the weekend. Mum wants to surprise her daughter with a necklace (yes, the original Tiffany Key Necklace) on the cake. What will be a better way to present it then a Tiffany gift box which is also edible itself?

A 6" square box cake with it's lid offset and sugar pearls and tissue spilling out; covered in Bakels fondant with a gumpaste bow and gift tag. The lid has the Tiffany & Co company logo handwritten in black edible paint, just like any real Tiffany jewellery box.

The heart locket with Tiffany & Co abbreviation was made 10 days in advance so the chains had time to dried. The heart locket how-to has demonstrated by "McGreevy Cakes" on YouTube. It was so challenge that it took me five times to complete it. I then coloured them with light silver paint and brushed it with white lustre dust.

The cake is a dark chocolate mud filled with dark chocolate ganache. The mini bow cupcakes were originally designed by "Pink Cake Box", while the design of the cake box similar to "MyCupKates".

Mum sent me several photos and told me the cake complemented her daughter's party so well. I am so glad that San-Rene liked the cake and what a sweet life a cake could make.

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking~
Beth xx

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