13 March 2017

Paw Patrol Dessert Table

Hi Cake Sweeties

I had co-planned this cute pink and teal Paw Patrol combined birthday party over the weekend. If your precious little valentine and little sweetheart adore all these little paws from this program, this is the party for them!

Here are what we had on the party:
·   *   The shield and dog bone Green Tea Sugar Cookies
·   *  The paw patrol cake pops
·   * The glass dessert table placemat lined with mini white picket fences and paw patrol balloons both sides
·   * The two tiered paw patrol cake (6” is the white mud cake and 8” is the dark mud cake)
·   * The mini paw vanilla (pink) and hazelnut (teal) macarons (with salted caramel ganache filling)
·   * Pink and Teal customised birthday lollies in a jar
* * Homemade Cheese Platter
* * Paw Patrol Drink Station
·  * The store bought popcorns, sticks and more made and prepared by Mum.

- Printable: oh!my friesta english & edited by Our Sweet Events
- Sandwiches Platter: Subway

If you would like a personalized Paw Patrol birthday cake, please feel free to get in touch! We’d be more than happy to hear your ideas and can customize your birthday cake in any way you like from the colors, theme to a range of scrummy sponge and filling flavors.

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope to share with you more this year.

Happy baking

Beth xo

23 February 2017

Green Tea Swiss Roll

Hi Cake Sweeties

My husband likes Green Tea and lightness and less sweetness of a Swiss Roll. Hence, I combined these two elements and made him this Green Tea Swiss Roll for breakfast. This divine cake is a light and soft that is rolled up with a filling of green tea milk spread. 

I was hoping it would last for couple of days but I found it's gone by one. 

Thinking to create a mini version for our party favor range in the near future. It's going to be a hit.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking,
Beth xo

19 February 2017

Unicorn Macarons

Hi Cake Sweeties

Something is magical here at bakingmummy’s kitchen today.

Here are the “Unicorn Macarons” everyone is so excited about since last year. I am not perfect in making macarons yet but my friends asked me if I could create something for them. “Sumopocky” who I followed on Youtube inspires this macaroon design.

Next time, I would probably use the method of “L’atelier de Roxane” on Youtube for better looking and easier way to create the features such as eyes and mouth.

However, it’s still absolutely delicious with a bit of crunch outside and soft centre. The best thing about homemade using best ingredients you can find.

Counting our blessings and wishing you more! See you next time!

Happy baking,

Beth xo

15 February 2017

Lollipop Chiffon Pops

Hi Everyone

I discovered a very talented and creative mummy baker recently. I then used this opportunity to test one of the recipes for my daughter's second birthday. 

Inspired by "Loving Creations For You"; I made her these cute mini Lollipop Chiffon Pops. She absolutely loved eating them. 

I can't wait to try more creations from her book in the future.

My sweetest little girl,

I have mixed emotions as you turn 2. I am excited because I see how much you’ve grown, and I know so many magical moments await you. You are growing up so fast and there are no longer any babies in our sweet home. 

Over the last two years, you’ve amazed us in so many ways. You came out with the sweetest spirit but an attitude that told us you were strong-minded and independent. I know your strength and persistence will serve you well in life. Being compassionate and tough will make you such a remarkable woman.

I’m confident that you will develop a friendship with your big brother that nourishes your soul (and his) in such a powerful way. I know that you will always be very loyal to the people you love. I know that you will love to learn and explore in a way that makes your life rich and satisfying. I know that I will butt heads with you at times because we share so many personality traits. On the other hand, I also know that we will always make peace because our compassion allows us to step outside of ourselves and see things from someone else’s perspective.

Your educational experience will open up a world of opportunities, and you will take advantage of whatever speaks to your heart. Our little family will give you the security that every kid wants and deserves. Your challenges will help shape you into the amazing woman I know you will become.

If the first two years of your life serve as any indication of what the next two will bring, I have to just push my little bit of sadness aside and embrace the part of me that’s thrilled about your growth. As much as I may wish for my babies to remain babies, I know you can’t be babies forever. You have to learn and explore. You need to grow and figure out who you want to be and what you want from life.

On your birthday and everyday, I hope you are able to feel every ounce of love that surrounds you. I hope you know that you were born into a family that wants the very best for you. I hope that your childhood shapes up to be much of what mine was, and a lot more. I know life won’t always be perfect because it just doesn’t work that way. But I do know that life will always have magic in it if you simply train your eyes to see it. 

I hope we do a great job teaching you how to train your eyes.

Loving you always and forever,
Mummy & Daddy


Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you soon to share with you more cake creations and treats.

Happy baking
Beth xo

03 February 2017

Fire Engine Cake

Hi Cake Sweeties

The cake I am sharing today is on FIRE. I made this fire engine themed cake for my son’s fourth birthday to celebrate at childcare centre.

My little valentine gets really excited when he sees Fire Engines on the road. Firemen are the daring heroes who risk their lives every day for the sake of our safety. Therefore, it is not surprising to see both kids and adults admire and respect them for their selfless work and dedication.

This year, I really have had hard time designing my children’s birthday cakes. Originally, I was planning to make a 3D fire engine cake. However, due to the number of pupils in his group, I need to make a small cake (the cake was 6” x 4” dark chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache).

I utilized Fire Truck, Fire Hydrant, and Number for birthday age vanilla sugared cookies to decorate the cake and this is the thing I haven’t done before.

I have also made some Fire Hydrant vanilla sugared cookies to give out as favor. Each cookie is individually wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and with Fire Truck labels. That’s the inspiration of the brick walls on the side of the cake came from. The result was absolutely amazing!

To my dearest first born or my little valentine I often call you

I have been writing you a letter on your birthday each year.

I waited to have you for so long. There were times when I wasn’t sure we were ever going to have a child. Your Aunt Jonie had one baby and fell pregnant with another in the time we were trying. We turned to IVF out of desperation and I fell pregnant the first time (miracle and blessing), Daddy, Grandma and I cried our eyes out known you were actually inside my tummy (Grandma said its like winning Lotto but even better).

When I was pregnant I had a notion of what I thought being a parent would be like, however, nothing could ever prepare me for the all consuming, crushing love. Nothing. I love you so much some days I feel like I might burst.

There are so many amazing memories I could share; it’s hard to know where to start. You have such an amazing personality but with very gentle soul. I started like every first time Mum recorded every first and kept sharing to everyone how lovely you are as a perfect child that everyone could wish for. I love that you are so affectionate and throw yourself into my arms for hugs. You are so funny and regularly make us laugh with your questions and quirky sense of humor.

Becoming a brother was a challenge for you at first two years ago, which is perfectly understandable, you had Mummy and Daddy all to yourself for two years, it was quite a lot to get used to. However, you are sweet and often run to get Ellie a cuddle when she cries, or like to hold her bottle for her. I adore seeing you both giving each other cuddles and kisses.

There is so much I am proud of I could write for hours and hours, even the simple things like morning hugs in bed make me happy. Becoming your mummy changed me and made me a better person; made me reevaluate and appreciate what is really important in life. You are such a blessing in our life, such a joy and I am so proud of you.

Happy 4th birthday my awesome Jeremy and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings.

Love Mummy xoxo


Please feel free to contact us if you want to spoil your little Fireman with this Fire Engine Cake. Thank you for stopping by!

Happy baking
Beth xo

30 January 2017

Mickey and Minnie Dessert Table

Hi Cake Sweeties

I am very excited to share my children’s combined birthday party with you today in the beginning of 2017. I can’t believe my little valentine is 4 (well, as of next Monday) and my baby girl is 2 (well, as of early next month). Paul and I threw them a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse birthday party last weekend to celebrate – a little before their actual birthdays as we are going away for a birthday holiday before my little valentine is back to childcare.

Ever since my boy found himself a Disney YouTube channel screening Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I then changed the planned theme from Dora to a combined Minnie Mouse theme for his little sister and they loved it – especially my little girl loves Minnie Mouse too.

I was overly excited to make these different Mickey and Minnie Mouse treats. Decorating the actual cake was quite a challenge not from the techniques but from the design point of view. I really can’t settle on how to combine Mickey and Minnie Mouse into one tier cake (we only had a small group of people this year). I don’t want it to get overcrowded with different elements. All the plaques and cuts out were the last minute addition in the morning of the party except of the Clubhouse Topper (I made it but I thought I wouldn’t able to use it because the size but it actually fitted on top of the 6” round cake all right).
I loved my children’s reaction when they saw the cake for the first time. They kept yelling "Mickey and Minnie Cake!”!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:
– Mickey Mouse Piñata
 Wishing Well Station (Mickey and Minnie Mouse Frames)
 Homemade themed cake and treats
 Most printable (except the door sign and Pom Poms) came from “Catchmyparty” for free personal use
 Minnie Mouse Ears for plates came from “chickabug.blogspot.com” for free personal use
 Drink Station
 Thank You Favor Table
 Themed Dessert Table
 Personalized water bottle for each child guest
 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Centrepieces

- Candy Melt Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Oreos
- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Treat Cups
– Cake and Cupcakes: These cakes included some vanilla and chocolate sponges (two different flavours for the four different tiers).  All of them were filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. 
- Cupcakes: The flavor for the cupcake was strawberry chiffon cake. “Cake Toppers by Julie” inspired the designs of the toppers.
- Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies
- Mickey Mouse Pinwheel Cookies
- Mickey Mouse Browns Sugared Cutout Cookies
- I picked mini Gumballs for the candy choices. I even found some chocolate crunch in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tins from the supermarket. How awesome is that.
- Mickey Mouse Black Sesame Macarons
- Mickey Mouse Sandwiches
- Fruit Platter

- Printable: catchmyparty & chickabug
- Fruit Platter: Coles
- Sandwiches Platter: Subway

If you would like a personalized Mickey or Minnie Mouse birthday cake then get in touch! We’d be more than happy to hear your ideas and can customize your birthday cake in any way you like from the colors, theme to a range of scrummy sponge and filling flavors.

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope to share with you more this year.

Happy baking

Beth xo