16 March 2018

Miffy Birthday Party

Miffy Cupcakes for the Kindy Graduation

Dear Cake Sweeties

How very lovely to be asked to make Jeremy's bestie's 5th birthday cake and some matching sweets. The design is credited to "@thecakinggirl" but I just changed the colour combinations to blue, orange and yellow.

As usual, I began making the fondant Miffy, her teddy and the balloons a couple of weeks before the party so they could dry before I placing them on top of the cake. The top tier was a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake while the bottom tier was a dummy cake (styrofoam covered and decorated with fondant). 

Mum of the birthday boy is also a dear friend asked: if I could think of anything to go with the cake. I recommended some as shown below. The only thing I didn't plan was the naked Miffy mini cakes. It was not to waste the extra cake I baked. I decided to turn it into something as marvellous and delicious as the cake itself. 

Miffy Themed Matching Desserts:

1. Miffy Macarons: My friend asked for white and pink with cookies and cream ganache. The white was vanilla macaron with cookies and cream white chocolate ganache. The pink was raspberry macaron with dark chocolate ganache.

2. Miffy Marshmallow Pops: The idea I sent to my friend was the store-bought one i.e. to cut two marshmallows and shape into a rabbit but I don't feel it's matching because of the shape. I ended up making my own marshmallow and used my Miffy cutter to cut out the desired shape. My friend was very surprised and pleased.

3. Miffy Cupcakes: My friend didn't order the cupcakes for the party due to the number of guests invited. However, I did these Miffy cupcakes (vegan chocolate) back in December last year for the birthday boy's kindy graduation. 

This theme is absolutely lovely as the Easter is coming soon. Everything can be re-created for the Easter. In the meantime, I can't wait to share with you my Easter sweets and treats with you soon.

Thank you for visiting my creation. Hope to see you soon next time.

Happy baking
Beth xo

11 February 2018

Lego Party

Cupcakes for Prep Class

Vanilla Sugared Cookies for Prep Class

Hi Cake Sweeties

My little valentine and little sunshine just turned 5 and 3. As they have been playing with blocks at Childcare, I thought why not having a Lego Party to celebrate their combined birthday this year.

Please visit "Our Sweet Events" for more party preparations. The following is my interpretation on cakes and desserts of Lego and we hope you enjoy as much as we did.

We had a themed dessert station, drink station, kid's food station, guestbook table and children's table.  I would only focus on the dessert station here. The other details will be documented on Our Sweet Events soon.

Things to look out for:

1. A 2D little lego person birthday cake
2. Red velvet block cake
3. Mini Oreos covered with candy melt and topped with candy melt block and lego boy
4. Homemade organic fruit lego gummies
5. Macarons: (Green Tea with Green Tea Chocolate Ganache/Lemon with buttercream and homemade lemon curd/Raspberry with dark chocolate ganache)
6. Lego shaped brown sugared cookies
7. Fruit jellies
8. Assorted lego block sandwiches
9. Lego block match box with M&Ms
10. Organic fruit lollipops
11. Lego block candy melt pops

Note: Chocolate Cupcakes and Vanilla Sugared Cookies were made for Jeremy's new Prep class. This is certainly a great gesture to help my little valentine making friends. 

We have so many great photos of this celebration that we will bring you on Our Sweet Events. Stay tuned!

Dear Jeremy and Ellie

What a blessing and a complete gift you two have been to Daddy and Mummy. We love you so much! Happy birthday my babies!

Thank you all for stopping by. I can't wait to share the other cakes I have worked on so far after the party. 

Happy baking
Beth xo

21 January 2018

Kung Fu Panda Cake

Hi Cake Sweeties

Kung Fu Panda Cake to start a fabulous 2018. My friend's daughter turned 7 early in January. She loves Kung Fu Panda and all the other characters from the movie. I searched online for some inspirations and this design is credited to "tiktuk.com". 

First I baked a vanilla sponge cake and a chocolate cake in the 6" round tin. Then I sandwiched and iced them with the delicious chocolate ganache. The bottom 8" was a styrofoam dummy cake. 

Next was new to me how to decorate them with edible images of seven characters from the movie. I found these cute Kung Fu Panda clipart from Etsy seller "doodle.ink studio". I printed them on the edible sugar paper. Last I did the border of the top tier and the name plague with my bamboo mold. 

What a great cake it turned out to be at the end.

Dear Claire

The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now. Choose to celebrate your birthday (Kung Fu Panda 2). 

Happy 7th Birthday to you

Thank you for stopping by. I can't wait to share with you my next themed cake and matching desserts.

Happy baking
Beth xo

22 November 2017

Thank You Cookies

Hi Cake Sweeties

It has been a while since my last creation. I am not being lazy at all; in fact, my daily life is full of different commitments.

Before I have time to share what I did at the Halloween Party I was hosting last month, I want to share these beautiful thank you cookies I made for my friend.

Our boys will be heading to Prep next year. It will be the end of their Kindergarten Year with our nominated Care Agencies. Her son is with a private Day Care Mum since he was only a baby. There’s nothing like the customised treats to make an educator or a day care Mum in this case feel loved and appreciated…especially handmade treats. 

It’s always sad to say goodbye to a good educator and walk into the future. These cookies are also the perfect way to send your kids to the new school with a smile on their face.



27 September 2017

Mini Sushi Cake

Dear Cake Sweeties

It’s my dearest friend Nancy’s birthday. Nancy lived in Japan since she became an exchange student and came back only early this year.

I made her a mini round cake made to look like a sushi roll. I used tic tac to emulate rice (the idea came from “How to Cake It”).  Inside the cake, the salmon and avocado were all fondant. The wasabi and ginger were fondant too and the soy sauce is brown colouring in order to take a fun photo.

Dear Nancy



Thank you all for stopping by. See you soon for our upcoming Halloween No Tricks but Treats.

Happy baking

Beth xo

22 September 2017

Miss Chelsea's 1st Birthday

Dear Cake Sweeties

Last weekend, the cake design was in collaboration with my friend who incorporated several of her and her baby daughter’s favourite elements onto the cake and the desserts. 

I like the way she got several elements complimenting each other at the end, such as the hot air balloon, cupcakes with fondant snowflakes and Ballerina Tutu Toppers; and macarons with fondant crowns really got family and friends’ hearts soaring high!

The 5” tall cake included handmade cloud formation border at the bottom. In the middle, she bought me the “two angels holding a heart” mould to use.

Flavours included vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes with milk chocolate ganache. Primary colours included shades of pink and purple. Flavours of macarons were vanilla and hazelnut sandwiched with salted caramel chocolate ganache. Flavours of the cupcakes were our beautiful and moist vanilla and very healthy beetroot red velvet.

It was a beautiful celebration and what a honour to be part of it.

Dear Chelsea

Hope that you had a sweet 1st birthday. Not that you need any more sugar, you’re already such a sweetheart.

Thank you for having us and we three musketeers had a fun and sweet time.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you soon.
Happy baking
Beth xo

03 September 2017

Gudetama Pudding Cake

Dear Cake Sweeties

Here is another Sanrio Character Cake I made for my dear friend's nephew. I love all Sanrio characters whether they are cheerful Hello Kitty or Lazy Egg.

In the beginning while doing more researches about this particular character. I found no one ever made this cake yet; so I don't have any references how it would turn out. Thankful the cake was well-loved! 

The cake was our delicious vanilla sponge cakes, which I added the marmalade syrup for extra moistness, due to the fact that I spent quite some times to carve the shape. After I am happy with the shape, I crumbed coat with our luxurious dark chocolate ganache. The birthday boy doesn't like chocolate so just very thin layered of chocolate filled and crumbed coat before I covered the whole cake with fondant.

This is also the first time I made the toppers (the giant cherry and whipped cream both out of styrofoam) after I finished decorating the cake. In the photo, the cherry and whipped cream occupied the top of the pudding equally. Hence, I waited until I finished decorating the cake before I started with the toppers like I always do.

Dear Louis

Hope you have an EGG-Citing day! Happy 10th birthday~ Thank you for allowing us to be part of your milestone celebration.

Thank you all for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xo

Miffy Birthday Party

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