28 February 2011

Pink Golfer's 70TH

Golf theme party ideas are a great way to celebrate the person who loves golf, such as my dearest parents-in-laws! Golf isn't just a sport - it's about relaxation, focus, the beautiful outdoors, and getting together with friends!

Cookies are baking MAMA’s weaknesses. This time, I was glad the taste and the presentation turned out superb. I made these golf ball cookie favors for our younger guests. Approximately 3” round shaped vanilla cookies covered with our delicious white fondant. I used the texture mat to create the texture of the golf balls.
To order, there are available in Golf ball, Foot ball, Basket ball, and Baseball.

We were travelling to Sydney from Brisbane by car. Therefore, I didn’t make a cake as planned for my father-in-law.
This beautiful cake was ordered through “Planet Cake” in Balmain. http://www.planetcake.com.au/ The flavour was chocolate mud cake which was sumptuously rich, moist layered and filled with a dark chocolate ganache.
It was truly the centre of the whole celebration.
Happy baking~
Beth xoxo

16 February 2011

Race Car Birthday Cake

This is the cake I made for a co-worker’s hubby's birthday back in December 2010! She wanted something that her kids would enjoy. I gave her an idea of a car themed cake. The main criterion was "no girly colours!" I think we were successful on meeting that criterion!

It is a four inch dark chocolate cake with our super yummy dark chocolate ganache filling. Underneath the fondant decorations is a layer of the oh-so-good milk chocolate gananch.

I absolutely love the checkered border around the bottom of the cake!! It definitely takes the race car theme to a whole new level! I also did a couple checkered flags.
And now for the decorations!!  Once again, all of the decorations are made out of gumpaste! The race cars were based off of a tutorial we found on Cake Journal. They ended up being super easy to make!

Happy decorating!
Beth xoxo

14 February 2011

My Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for everyone in love; the day when people celebrate love, romance and affection.
This Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cake can be a very special and unique to surprise your love. Heart shapes, red, pink and white colors are the most popular for Valentine’s Day.
While my hubby doesn’t enjoy the fondant as much as most people; this was the inspiration for me this year to make a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cake covered with combination of the strawberry puree, milk and dark chocolate to avoid the sweetness which he takes (overweight issue). The cake is “Strawberry Cake”.
I have assembled “Mr & Mrs Teddy Bears” and “Anemones” to symbolize my love to my dear hubby. He gave me an iPhone 4 for this Valentine. Thanks, love~

The more fantastic thing is that it also could be just a fantastic and very impressive heart shaped birthday cake for someone very close to your heart.

Happy decorating and of course “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Beth xoxo

Drip Cake

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