30 June 2013

3D Cartoon Cakes

Hi Everyone

I can not believe that I have left it so long to post these two cartoon cakes I learnt to make last September. See I was about 5 months pregnant and people suspected but not sure if I was pregnant at the time (that's how small my belly was).

The leading cake decorator for these two amazing designs was "Verusca Walker". She is a very generous lady who shares her knowledges and techniques of cake decorating on her Facebook absolutely FREE.

I am so glad that I didn't miss the chance to meet her in person (although I was still very sick with morning sickness at the time and I couldn't find someone to replace my bookings).

The Lightning McQueen Car Cake was made from a chocolate mud cake and decorated with fondant and edible images for logo etc.

The bottom tier of the angry bird cake (the green pig) was a chocolate mud cake again but the middle tier and top tier were both in styrofoam. While the cute matching cupcakes were vanilla flavour. They are definitely eye catching masterpieces for your parties.

Hope to learn more from Verusca again soon when Jeremy is a bit older. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy baking
Beth xx

12 June 2013

Formula 1 Cake

Hi Everyone

I want to share this Formula 1 car cake with you. I made it for my dear friend Claire's son who turned 5 as well. Daniel is only two weeks younger than my lovely niece Sophie. While Sophie is a girly kind of girl, Daniel loves all motors.

A few years ago, Toddler Daniel was into "Lightning McQueen". I wished I have time to make up to him with a Lightning McQueen Cake. However, I need to settle something simpler in design while caring for Baby Jeremy. The idea came from Debbie Brown in her 50 easy party cakes book. Instead of covering the board with fondant as usual, I covered it with the black vinyl to save me more time (I had to do it while Jeremy took a nap).

The cake was our mouthwatering chocolate mud cake covered with yummy chocolate ganache and then tasty Bakels fondant. The wheels are cake pops. Basically the whole car is edible except the candle.

Every now and then I got question from my new friends what is your mud cake tasted like. Well, I can only say our mud cake is rich, moist and creamy only from best ingredients i.e. Callebut Belgium dark chocolate, premium vanilla extract, fresh free range eggs and real butter. When the days go by, the chocolate mud cake will certainly taste better and better.

Thank you for stopping by! The next project will be my own birthday cake.
Happy baking
Beth xx

10 June 2013

Tuxedo Cake

Hi Everyone

Here is the cake I made for Paul for his 37th birthday. I always love him to wear tuxedo for a formal function, but he only wore once in his whole life which was on our engagement party. He doesn't favour the tux because he thinks he looks like a fat penguin. However, I always believe he looks rather dashing in it.

This year, I am happy to dress my mini Paul in his first baby tux and celebrates his Daddy's birthday in style. In order to match the theme of the celebration, I created this [Tuxedo Cake].

I was thinking to create a folded looking tux but I wanted to add a top hat to go with it. As a result, I baked a round cake instead of a rectangle one. The idea came pretty close to a cake from "Bake-a-boo Cakes" in NZ.

The cake was our moist strawberry cake layered and covered with dark chocolate ganache. You can't go wrong with a pink tint fresh tasting cake like this. This cake is seasonal to guarantee we get the natural sweetness from the strawberry itself. We don't use the artificial ingredient such as Jell O powder to create the taste of the strawberry. This tastes heavenly.

I hope you like this creation. Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking
Beth xx

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