27 February 2014

Zoe & Co. Rosette Cake

Hi Everyone

I loved being able to make this special Zoe & Co. Rosette Cake for a cake smashing fun on Wednesday.

Mum Claire's only instruction that it be bright, colourful and healthy. With our best effort to make sure all ingredients are organic; I found this Yogurt Loaf Cake recipe online to try (as our beloved Zoe loves yogurt) and only mixed with pink, blue, purple, yellow and green colourings to the batter.

However, this is the worse recipe I came across of the whole time I have been baking. The texture is actually like the play dough by the time we smashed it. It's a disappointment from the whole experience.

In term of the frosting, I have been dying to try out the "rose" buttercream technique and think I did all right the very first time. We have applied the same principle and cautiously choosing what are the best for our children to eat, the whole cake is covered with Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

I have to keep the cake back in the fridge actually every minute even in the 20C air conditioned room to avoid the cake melting away. It's really difficult to work with. I am thinking to cut all cream cheese frostings for good especially in summer time. However, we did hit the result of getting messy from it at the end...

THe cake as topped with a custom Zoe gum paste doll completed with the famous pearl necklace and a large version of the "Darling" medallion and a Number 1.

What a great time we had. Both mums ended up changing our clothes too.

If you have any great healthy recipe that is easy to work with for our precious children and for this particular occasion in the future, please feel free to share with us.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xx

10 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone

Another post about my Valentine's Day straight after the previous one is to celebrate the month of LOVE. I just can not get enough of it, can I?

This 'heart' 1 tier cake is a 6" dummy to display in the entry hall. What a great way to tell Paul my love when he gets home from work with this warming red and white love heart cake design.

The original design is by Bakerella. What an inspiration idea that this cake is fun, modern and chic and it is super easy to make.

Celebrating the month of LOVE...hope you all have a wonderful day and receive lots and lots of love from your beloved one/ones like bakingmama.

A piece of sweet love life I say...
Happy baking
Beth xo

Kit Kat Valentine's Cake

Hi Everyone

I am pretty exciting to introduce my new recipe created especially for the upcoming Valentine's Day i.e. a marble butter cake and is surprisingly moist compared to what I baked before.

The cake is then topped with lots and lots of raspberry M&M's, decorated with Kit Kat Bars of course. Sweet Love! P is for Paul. Love ya...

Go ahead and surprise your Valentine this year with this delicious marble cake. He or she will love ya for it (see, my little valentine is agreed with me).

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xo

08 February 2014

Tinker Bell Cake

Hi Everyone

Based on the designs by "Sugar Siren" and "Cakes by May"; this Tinker Bell cake is created for a sweet little girl.

The cake itself is our standard 6" round bittersweet chocolate mud cake with bittersweet chocolate ganache. All fondant or gum paste flowers and decorations are edible except for the candle.

Thinker Bell is cut out of fondant and ensemble like the puzzles and painted with lustre dusts.

Keira's mum is a photographer who came to shoot Jeremy's first birthday party. If you are thinking of hiring a photographer with the great result, please look for Toni Curtis of Toni Curtis Photography. She is great to work with.

Thank you for stopping by. Our next creation or creations will be for the Valentine's Day,

Happy baking!
Beth xoxo

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