01 January 2014

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Happy New Year, Everyone

Here comes the Year 2014, I hope you all had a fabulous start yesterday.

I did what I love most with the exception of enjoying a peaceful time with Jeremy and Paul; I did BAKING in my beloved kitchen straightaway.

I believe I have introduced my "Chocolate Chips Cookies" once a few years ago. This time, I have changed one major ingredient from my recipe due to the 100% cocoa content chocolate chips were too much for the little ones to indulge. I changed that to the bittersweet milk dark chocolate chips. I have my man tasted it out for me and he said it's perfect; although he enjoys both versions.

I know you can buy this particular chocolate chips cookies everywhere. I have to say that nothing beats the homemade treats that are made with the best quality ingredients. Price is $10 a bag or $12 in a box (as a present).

Servings Per Pack:25

Serving Size:30g

Storage Instructions:
To maintain freshness once opened, store in a cool, dry place, in an airtight, light proof container

Today, I am going to enjoy my freshly baked chocolate chips cookies with a glass of organic milk to start my day. If you are in the neighbourhood; please feel free to pop in for the testing, my friends.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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