07 June 2015

Ellie's First Official Party

Edible Gum Ball Necklace

Blueberry Jelly

Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cup

Tiramisu Champagne Cup

Vanilla Macarons

Mini Salted Caramel Chocolate Pies

Vanilla Seed Cupcake

Merry Berry Cup

Pumpkin Spice Cutout Cookies

Hello Everyone

I had prepared all these desserts for Miss Ellie's first party over the weekend. The party was a ceremony that to help her reduce or stop drooling excessively at four month old in our culture. Amazingly, she did reduce drooling all over her bibs today. Well, as I said before, I love to celebrate traditions with less traditional approaches.

To reflect the theme which was "Purple, White Polka Dots", you can see more details in "巧比工作室" and "巧比生活坊". They were some lovely desserts that I made for our beloved guests whom we really appreciated to join and help us. Apparently, you can stop the drooling quicker if more people help.

Dessert highlight to look out for:

- Vanilla seed cupcakes topped with white chocolate ganache (very moist tangy taste)
- Pumpkin spice cutout cookies: it snaps off easily and melts in your mouth quickly.
- Blueberry jelly: double color tone came from adding the cream to the jelly mixture and the taste of deliciousness is double.
- Tiramisu: I am surprisingly in love with this version of Tiramisu. It's very light, creamy and a hint of lovely expresso just can not stop the that lovely taste in your mouth.
- White chocolate mousse: I love this beautiful dessert in the eyes and it's definitely not an overly sweet one.
- Mini salted caramel chocolate pies: this is the second winner that the crisp shortbread topped with this beautiful decadent chocolate.
- Macarons: everyone loves it and it is the party winner AGAIN.
- Merry berry cups: this is kid's favourite with fresh seasonal fruits.

What a party with all these treats that made with a mother's love. I love you, Miss Ellie!

Thank you for stopping by. We see you next time.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo

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