12 December 2016

Chocolate Explosion Drip Cake

Hi Cake Sweeties

This single barrel cake with layers of vanilla and chocolate sponges is sandwiched and covered with vanilla whipped cream and organic strawberry jam.

We decorated with the decadent chocolate ganache dripping & topped with all an overload of your favorite treats, i.e. homemade macarons, Ferrero Rocher, wafer rolls, rock candy and cool whip cream (with pink edible sparkles).

This impressive bake uses a popular decoration technique called the 'drip'. The drip is often a ganache or loose icing that is drizzled around the top edge of the cake so it drips down to create the drip effect, also called flooded cake.

* Please NOTE our “single barrel” cakes are nearly 4 tall.

We make variations of this cake depending on the sweet treat assortment for the week or by your preference subject to one-month notice. At the moment, we can only make one a week due to our limited fridge space.

Dear Emma
Happy 13th birthday! Did you know that the number "13" is a so-called "happy number". May every day as a 13 year old be filled with more happiness than you can take!

We are looking forward to creating a piece of sweet memory for you and your beloved ones in 2017. Thank you for your continuously support of our baking adventure. Have a safe and peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Counting our blessings & wishing you more…


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