30 January 2017

Mickey and Minnie Dessert Table

Hi Cake Sweeties

I am very excited to share my children’s combined birthday party with you today in the beginning of 2017. I can’t believe my little valentine is 4 (well, as of next Monday) and my baby girl is 2 (well, as of early next month). Paul and I threw them a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse birthday party last weekend to celebrate – a little before their actual birthdays as we are going away for a birthday holiday before my little valentine is back to childcare.

Ever since my boy found himself a Disney YouTube channel screening Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I then changed the planned theme from Dora to a combined Minnie Mouse theme for his little sister and they loved it – especially my little girl loves Minnie Mouse too.

I was overly excited to make these different Mickey and Minnie Mouse treats. Decorating the actual cake was quite a challenge not from the techniques but from the design point of view. I really can’t settle on how to combine Mickey and Minnie Mouse into one tier cake (we only had a small group of people this year). I don’t want it to get overcrowded with different elements. All the plaques and cuts out were the last minute addition in the morning of the party except of the Clubhouse Topper (I made it but I thought I wouldn’t able to use it because the size but it actually fitted on top of the 6” round cake all right).
I loved my children’s reaction when they saw the cake for the first time. They kept yelling "Mickey and Minnie Cake!”!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:
– Mickey Mouse Piñata
 Wishing Well Station (Mickey and Minnie Mouse Frames)
 Homemade themed cake and treats
 Most printable (except the door sign and Pom Poms) came from “Catchmyparty” for free personal use
 Minnie Mouse Ears for plates came from “chickabug.blogspot.com” for free personal use
 Drink Station
 Thank You Favor Table
 Themed Dessert Table
 Personalized water bottle for each child guest
 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Centrepieces

- Candy Melt Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Oreos
- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Treat Cups
– Cake and Cupcakes: These cakes included some vanilla and chocolate sponges (two different flavours for the four different tiers).  All of them were filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. 
- Cupcakes: The flavor for the cupcake was strawberry chiffon cake. “Cake Toppers by Julie” inspired the designs of the toppers.
- Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies
- Mickey Mouse Pinwheel Cookies
- Mickey Mouse Browns Sugared Cutout Cookies
- I picked mini Gumballs for the candy choices. I even found some chocolate crunch in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tins from the supermarket. How awesome is that.
- Mickey Mouse Black Sesame Macarons
- Mickey Mouse Sandwiches
- Fruit Platter

- Printable: catchmyparty & chickabug
- Fruit Platter: Coles
- Sandwiches Platter: Subway

If you would like a personalized Mickey or Minnie Mouse birthday cake then get in touch! We’d be more than happy to hear your ideas and can customize your birthday cake in any way you like from the colors, theme to a range of scrummy sponge and filling flavors.

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope to share with you more this year.

Happy baking

Beth xo

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