15 April 2012

Car Cake - Toyota

My First Car Cake

Congratulations, Paul
Hi Everyone

I am so excited to share this car cake with you. Thank you for following my steps of making it via my Facebook. The cake is made for Paul who has been working very hard for the last five years to become a “Gold Executive Mentor”; a highest reward and ranking as a car salesman. I decided to surprise him with a car cake.

This is my first car cake you could tell. Instead of sculpting it from the normal cake shaped pans, I used a Wilton 3D car cake pan to create the shape of the car. Oh yeah, he is selling “Toyota”. * The flavour is what Wilton suggested a “Chocolate Butter Cake” but I found it was very crumbly while cutting it. I think I will be using the mud cake next time. Then I covered and decorated it with fondant. The total look was okay and I forgot to make the rain wipers. lol

The car is slightly leaning to the left because I moved to the cake board from the plate I was working on. Shouldn’t have done it but the holes to place the wheels were too small. I had to lift up the whole cake to push the wheels in. =’=

Dearest Paul

Congratulations on your achievement. I know it’s a career of frustration and stresses. I know your “CAN DO” attitude and warmest smiles can bring you to the top of the world. I will be here with and for you.

God bless you!

* Buying a car with someone who can provide greatest services with full of product knowledge, you can contact Paul Huang on 0411 838 986 or via email paulh@motorama.com.au.

Thank you for stopping by, everyone.
Happy baking~
Beth xoxo

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