10 October 2012

Paul's Birthday Cake 2012

Hello, Everyone

I haven't blogged for ages. The reason was because I am finally going to be a mum early next year. I am finally getting better after my beloved mum's care.

This post was about Paul's birthday celebration in June. As followed the idea from the previous year; we were heading to the hinterland in Sunshine Coast for a romantic gateaway again. This year, it's more meaningful for us as we came out triumph through the first IVF treatment.

We were staying at the Bamboo Retreat in Maleny. THis cake design is inspired by the new workshop by Planet Cake - the Oriental Orchid Cake. It's a ganached mud cake covered in fondant. The yellow fondant wrap was actually embossed with flowers; all made by Samantha Johnson of "Caketopia". I bought some sugar orchids & handmaded some sugar bamboo as toppers myself.

Dearest Paul

This is what I want your birthday to usher in for the year ahead for you:

B - blessings so that all your endeavors are successful
I - inspiration to do beautiful things in life
R - reassurance in times of being low
T - tolerance for both happy & sad times
H - happiness all year round
D - daring to go in unfamiliar areas where other people haven't ventured
A - admiration that other people will harbour for you because of your deeds
Y - yes, yes, yes, a zest for everything positive in life

I love you and happy birthday!!


Hopefully, I will be back to baking and cake decorating soon.

For our romantic gateaway, please visit "Chubby's Whole Living" for more information.
For his picnic birthday card, please visit "Chubby's Crafty World" for more information.

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