26 April 2013

Gingerbread Cookies

Hi Everyone

Time flies fast. Baby Jeremy is about three months old. In the meantime, he starts teething already. He is drooling consistently but not excessively yet. I still don't want him to get the drool rash later on.

When the baby is four months old or 100 days old, we will arrange a "stopping saliva ceremony" in our culture. Yes, we have arranged it one month early because he doesn't like to wear bibs.

To follow the tradition, we will use 12 cookies with red yarn to string them together; hang it around Baby Jeremy's neck while I hold him.

Elders, relatives, friends will take turn to remove the cookies around Baby Jeremy's neck; rub his mouth gently and say something like 'no more saliva, hope you can call out Daddy soon' etc. Then, they eat it.

I am scared to make cookies because they normally turn out really tough to eat (ouch). Therefore, I decided to practice before the ceremony and I came across this delicious and crunchy gingerbread cookies recipe. You can find it via "Brown Eyed Baker". I love it and definitely going to use it for my future parties.

Anyway, here are my testing lots! They are beautiful just like that without any icing decoration. Don't you think?

I love May. Yes, it's not only my very first Mother's Day (teary eyes) but my mum's birthday as well as my wedding anniversary (a big 5). If you have been following my stories, you would know how important my mum was and still is in my journey to beccome a mum and as a mum.

Here is to my mum! I love you and thank you!

Thank you for sharing my story. Wishing every mother has a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I will with my bundle of joy in my arms.

Happy baking~
Beth xx

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