09 November 2013

Giant Peony Cake

Hi Everyone

I have been taking easy and looking after Jeremy for a whole month. Glad to be back and share this "Giant Peony Cake" I made yesterday for Auntie Fang's birthday. Auntie Fang is like another mum to me and another grandma to Jeremy since I was pregnant with him. She looked after me at the very early stage of my pregnancy.

I remember seeing a similar two tiered cake at the Cakes Around Town Workshop by Greg Cleary. I wanted to enrol the workshop but my morning sickness just won't agree with me at the time. I decided to work on this technique on my own. I am happy with how it turned out especially I don't have the rose flower cutters to make the giant rose as my initially plan was.

I made the centre with 15 circle petals; then frilled each individual circle into more petal look. I could do better to arrange the peony on another cake board so she can keep it. Claire told me it's really hard to cut into this beautiful work.

I am glad that I found my interest a few years back. This is the reason I keep doing it. After all, who can resist the homemade sweets that made and decorated with love!!

Happy baking, everyone!
Beth xoxo


Bridget Bright said...

This is amazing Beth, you are amazing at what you do!!

bakingmama said...

Thank you, Bridget. Love your support

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