26 July 2015

Raspberry Macarons

Raspberry Macaroons

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Yes, Especially For You


Hi Everyone,

Lately, I am practicing to make different shapes of macaroon’s shells. Today, I want to create the heart shaped ones. The perfect flavor I say would be “Raspberry”.

Hence, I used some fresh raspberries (yes, no artificial flavouring or only tinted with pink edible colour)  to the shell batter for sweetness and color. It’s delightful in the eyes by pairing with the most famous Nutella chocolate filling.

The result? A burst of raspberry flavored pink shell, need I say more! Absolutely yummy.

Hey, as we head toward springtime, this is certainly a great treat for a brunch, afternoon tea with your family and friends.

I can not wait to share more creations with you.
Happy baking
Beth xo

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