04 May 2016

Cartier Box Cake

Hi Everyone

Yeah, Paul and I are leaving the "Seven-Year Itch" behind and moving to our "Infinity-Year" next week. 

I created another designer cake with the theme of our wedding rings to mark our eighth wedding anniversary this time. As he will be away on a corporate incentive trip, I have to make something very quick and small to have no trouble travelling in distance. The cake was a store bought vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry jam and ganache. The Logo was stamped. 

I truly enjoy making it as it has a such sentimental meaning to us. I was thinking the time we spent on choosing our rings while making this replicas of our ring box cake. As I was very tiny back then, the fashion house jeweller needed to customise the size of my ring, which took more than a month of waiting in excitement and anxiety. Luckily, it just arrived a month before the wedding. 

In my vows, I didn't include infinity or forever. In the modern society, divorce is on a rise. I didn't want to say that to the love of my life in front of our beloved family, friends and God if I didn't know what it would hold for us back then. I heard about a lot of divorces in the first year of married life. We had our ups and downs and I can say now that we are still in love and very much so back then. The bonus would be our beautiful two kids. They mean more than everything in the world to me. I wanted to say how much I appreciate my husband for being there for me not once but twice. 

Dear Paul

Hey, we are still married for 8 years i.e. 2,920 days and 70,080 hours. 2 kids with 100's of fights of course makeups. I am not a quitter so do you, not only have I seen truth in your eyes, you remind me of time itself for you are my past, present, future and FOREVER. I love you, Mr Huang...

Keep Love
Happy 8th Anniversary

From the headquarter of bakingmummy, I cannot wait to create another fashion designer brand cake soon. What will that be?

Happy baking
Beth xo

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