21 June 2016

Great Gatsby Cake & Desserts

Hi Everyone

I was quite nervous for a few weeks leading up to my hubby's 40th surprised party early this month. He thought I was working for someone's engagement party the whole time. A big thank to all family and friends who helped to hide the whole things very well. He was very stocked and touched on how much effort I put in just for one night to spoil him.

We had a Great Gatsby inspired birthday party. It sent my heartbeat racing (in a good way) to see all these beautiful Great Gatsby cakes online. 

The design of Paul's cake came from the invitation (please check out 巧比工作坊). One tier of chocolate mud cake and one tier is a dummy cake. Decorated in a beautiful black, white and old vintage gold combo. The finishing touches were a sparkly gold diamante ribbon with white feathers and beaded bow for the bottom tier; with a gold acrylic number topper and handmade name plaque for the top tier. I added gold splatter on both tiers to complete the Gatsby look.

I did make the cake stand for the party so the gold on the cake can match the gold on the cake stand.

Furthermore, the desserts for the Gatsby event included:

1. Chocolate Cupcakes with a white vanilla buttercream decorated with gold sprinkles
2. Chocolate and Hazelnut Macaroons with chocolate ganache and Nutella filling; painted in gold lustre dust mixed with vodka
3. Brown Sugar Cookies were decorated with fondant; stamped with a vintage car or number 40 cutout then with gold splatter too. If you are a vintage car lover, you may notice the car is a 1930s model but I just couldn't get hold of one in 1920s. 
4. Dark Chocolate Cigars were delicious because I added some milk chocolate ganache as filling
5. Rock Candy sticks: store bought
6. Mini champagne: store bought
7. Ferrero Rocher: store bought 
8. Gold Jumbo Candy Balls: store bought

Vendor Credits:
Photographer: Dimi Brisbane Photography

Venue: Runcorn Tavern

At the end of the night, most desserts were gone so no favour boxes packed to take home, but a party like this is sure to have every guest feeling like they are in a dream for one night! This party might be quite over the top and ostentatious from the other birthday parties I have organised so far, but that's really what a Great Gatsby themed party is all about. We left with another great memory surrounding by loved ones again.

For more information of how to organise a Great Gatsby party, please check out "巧比工作坊". 

Thank you for stopping by. I have another cake to share from our own celebration on Paul's actual birthday.

Later then and happy baking
Beth xo

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