03 June 2011

Hamburger & Chips Cake

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate a milestone birthday, the guest of honour will be touched by your efforts. Enjoy sharing each new decade with the special person in your life.

Paul, my dearest hubby will be turning 35 next Wednesday. As usual, he would get a cake to share with his workmates (from his Baseball Cap, Personalised Rego Plate to Heineken Beer Bottle last year).

My man loves his fast food, such as KFC and McDonald. Some people tend to refer them as fast food or junk food but we all find it really hard to resist. If you too love to have your hamburger and fries, you will surely find this hamburger and fries cake pretty tempting, to say the least.

A lot of time was taken to make this cake (so not the usual fast food at all) and it turned out pretty cool. It’s like having meal and dessert all in one combo.

It is perfect for the birthday parties and other light-hearted occasions. Let’s make the most of your next event by having this hamburger and fries cake a part of it.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy baking~

Beth xoxo

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