09 June 2011

Tree Stump Cake

An enchanted forest party theme creates a magical atmosphere for a birthday celebration. While this theme is especially nice for a little girl's birthday party, it can also be modified to use for boys or adults.

This is a smaller cake for a birthday celebration for Paul and I. A tree stump surrounded by flowers and woodland creatures is one simple idea for an enchanted forest party. Five round cakes stacked on top of one another create the main part of the stump.

The flavour of the cake is the "Hershey Dark Chocolate Cake".

We had a wonderful, romantic and relaxing time at the "Secrets on the Lake" in Montville. Secrets treehouses, nestled on the shores of peaceful Lake Baroon in Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland, offers you the very best in intimate accommodation.

Finishing off the enchanted party with a themed cake creates a sweet ending to the celebration. Try your hand at creating one of these imaginative forest-themed cakes to make your next birthday occasion unforgettable.

Happy baking!
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