19 August 2011

First Topsy Turvey Cake

Happy Birthday, Claire

A two tier topsy turvy cake for my dearest friend, Claire.

Inside the bottom tier is the chocolate banana cake with milk chocolate ganache covered by the dark chocolate ganache. Inside the top tier is the chocolate mudcake & Bailey with milk chocolate ganache covered by the dark chocolate ganache.

The cake is covered in pink and white fondant; decorated with chocolate and white fondant strips and pearls.

The topper is a white pastillage Mardi Gras mask embossed with non-edible feathers, pearls and diamante rhinestones. Not shown in the photo are some blossoms at the back of the mask to hide the support.

The mini emblishments are made from several molds covered by 24K edible gold leaf.


Dear Claire
We know we are getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it. I just want to say: enjoy the night of the celebration and the cake.  Happy Birthday to you.

For all, thank you for stopping by.
Happy baking
Beth xoxo


claire said...

Thanks baking mama.

You've made this occassion more memorable and unforgettable.

Your touching and skillful cake is truely the best.

Thank you!

baking MAMA said...

Thank you Claire. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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