05 September 2011

Chocolate Bread

Homemade Chocolate Bread
Hello, everyone

This is a very basic bread recipe from the book I just bought - "Common Sense Baking" by Murdoch Books.

I followed the recipe carefully but only changed a little bit while baking to create the crunchy crust outside. You can see from the photo that the bread is still soft inside. To do so, you simple need to spray water every 15 minutes when it's in the oven. 

The chocolate bread was delicious but I think it's slightly bitter for young children. I will use 53% dark chocolate next time instead of 70%. If you do try or have tried before, please let me know if it's sweeter. It is great to eat this chocolate bread with homemade whipped cream and jams; which is exactly what I am doing while writing this story. 

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy baking~
Beth xoxo

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