05 February 2016

Tayo Bus Cake

Hi, Everyone

Jeremy has been watching this Korean animation from Youtube for quite sometimes. The song goes like this - Ta Tayo, Ta Tayo, he's a friendly little bus! Speeding up, slowing down, Tayo's always having fun! While making this cake, I heard this song over and over again. 

Inspired by "Delicious Cake Designs", I made this 3D Tayo Bus Cake for Jeremy to celebrate his birthday at his childcare centre. I could have made a standard round cake and put a Tayo blue bus toy I bought for him as the topper. However, this is his very first birthday celebration with his new little friends; as well first time to choose a cake based on what he likes and not what I had in mind for him when he was one and two.

As we just a big combined party for Jeremy and his baby sister. It didn't leave me too much time to do this cake. You could see the sign of the cake didn't set properly before I covered with fondant. Then, when Jeremy saw it; he screamed with excitement: "Tayo Bus Cake" (yes, exact the same wording :-)) I knew I did all right.

To my dearest first born:

What a year you have been through with a baby sister on board, you are handling being a big brother quite well. I am very proud of you, Jeremy. Happiness is all around and smiles will light your day always. You're three years old now and Happy Birthday is what we'll sing and say!!

Love you to the moon and back!!

I wonder what I will create next time, until then
Happy baking
Beth xx

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