26 January 2016

Ralph Lauren Polo Party

Hi Everyone

Finally, It happened and I am able to share the cakes and desserts I created for my beloved children that I have been mentioning in the previous posts. We celebrated Miss Ellie's very first birthday and Jeremy's third birthday this past weekend with a Ralph Lauren Polo theme.

I bought some horseman cutters and the stencil from JB Cookie Cutters and the Cake Stamp by Etty Dash to create all the toppers and treats. The printable came from Etsy.com and I used my "Scan N Cut" to create all the labels. I have to say that it was a hectic week to make all the cakes and treats and months of planning and making the whole thing happened for a few hours (due to the hot weather, we have to cut it from our normal three hours to 2 hours). 

Cakes & Treats highlights to look out for (It's such a big party and so many details, I will only mention the edible parts here. If you are interested in the printable and decorations, they will be on 巧比工作坊's blog. Whatever happened on the party, it will be via 巧比生活坊): 

1. Jeremy's T-Shirt Cake: It's a Chocolate Mississippi Cake filled with dark chocolate ganache.
2. Ellie's Onesie Cake: It's a Caramel Mud Cake filled with dark chocolate ganache.
3. Two tiered Polo Club Cake: This is a dummy cake to connect both children's party into one.
4. Ellie's Smash Cake: This is a Vanilla Cake filled with chocolate ganache and her first taste of chocolate. Lucky I didn't fill it with buttercream because it was such a hot day and we were kinda of in the outdoor area so all chocolate did not set properly and pure chocolate treat even melted.
5. Macaroons: I have two flavours i.e. hazelnut macarons filled with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate macarons filled with salted caramel ganache.
6. Push up Cake Pops: They are alternations of three cakes mentioned above filled with of course dark chocolate ganache and salted caramel ganache.
7. Mini Chocolate covered Oreos: They looked okay in the photo but they actually melted if you try to pick them up; so I recommend to have this treat in an air conditioned venue if it's in summer).
8. Chocolate Bar: It's from Aldi and a great party favour with a budget.
9. Jelly Beans and Rock Candy Sticks
10. Elvit Water Bottle
11. Horseman/Onesie/Polo Shirt Cookies: They are Chocolate Sugar Cookies (Jeremy loves it) and Brown Sugar Cookies.

It was really a hot day. It's the first time I picked a venue without the air conditioned and some lessons are learnt for sure. However, it was a wonderful party for my little family and great memory for us to treasure for years.

I want to thank all my friends who came to make my children's birthday such a special day. Nothing better than celebrating their birthday with so many Uncles, Aunties, Brothers and Sisters. Love and happiness are certainly flooding my little family.

There is one more cake for Jeremy's childcare birthday celebration this week. I can't wait to see my little valentine's eyes sparkle when he sees it.

Thank you for sharing my story. Talk soon!
Happy baking
Beth xx

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