22 April 2014

Waffle Sticks

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. bakingmama has a new treat to include on our dessert table in the future. Early this year, I saw a dessert table with the waffle sticks well presented with the rest of the desserts and sweets. I really love this stylish treat. Besides, it's just a perfect size for Jeremy to hold unto and eat on his own without a mess. I then off to get a "Waffle Stick Maker".

I have to say another good investment in my kitchen, it's a fun and practical appliances for those who love waffles.

I used my own waffle batter with no additives and all used ingredients were as usual organics. Waffles came out great - very nice texture, taste and colour. They are crispy outside and chewy and soft inside. Best of all, it's not unhealthy or overly sweet waffle mix you can get from the super market.

Our waffle sticks can be served/dipped in a glass of syrup or dip them partially in melted chocolate fondue - that makes it a hit with kids and a really nice presentation. We adults can enjoy this too!

Sticks as I mentioned before, a great portion control, sharing with small kids or taste testing when there are numerous.

At the moment, we have vanilla and chocolate waffle sticks. I can not wait to make them for my next party.

Happy baking,
Beth xx

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